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Corporate Partners

Corporate and Foundation Relations is your front door to the College of Engineering at NC State University. We can work with you to develop a strategy to get involved with the College and would be delighted to arrange a visit to campus for you to experience first-hand all that NC State Engineering has to offer.

Opportunities for Interaction

There are many ways for your corporation to connect with the NC State College of Engineering. Our Corporate Relations team consists of colleagues in the departments in which you have an interest, and other units across the university, working closely to craft the right fit for you.

  • Recruit students for employment or summer internships and set up interview sessions through the University Career Center
  • Recruit students to participate in cooperative education (Co-op) programs through our Co-Op office
  • Participate in the Engineering Career Fair, one of the nation’s largest
  • Organize a Company Day (contact us)
  • Set up an employer panel (contact us)
  • Interact with student organizations
  • Sponsor Engineers Week (contact us)
  • Sponsor student teams and projects (contact us)

Home to more than 20 centers, institutes and labs, NC State Engineering conducts research in a broad range of engineering and computer science areas. Annual research expenditures exceed $103 million. Find out more about research at the College of Engineering.

NC State is a leader in distance education. Your company can meet many of its continuing educational needs through Engineering Online.

Opportunities for Investment

Our goal as a College is to provide the best education for the nation’s future engineers and create a research environment that will innovate for the good of society. To do this, the College must continue to recruit the best faculty and students, pull in federal research dollars, build and equip state-of-the-art facilities and foster productive and mutually beneficial corporate partnerships.

We have identified four areas of investment that are best aligned with our shared objectives:

Attracting and retaining the best faculty is our priority. We seek to increase the number of endowed chairs of departments, and the number of named professorships across the College. Faculty who are appointed to named chairs and professorships have achieved the highest distinction in research and scholarship. Associating your name with faculty stars ensures great name recognition both on campus and beyond, through the public relations channels that may be opened by a faculty member’s achievements.

Tuition and fees at NC State are tracking on a sharp incline. As those rates continue to climb, scholarship and fellowship support becomes more important to our ability to attract and retain the best and brightest of our undergraduate and graduate students. Endowing support is the best way for your company to connect with those students and express your corporate commitment for education. Term scholarships are also an option.

Through our academic programs and outreach efforts, the College provides students with a wealth of opportunities to broaden their experiences. The College supplies frameworks that foster collaboration and team-building, increase the number and diversity of talented students entering the fields of engineering and provide international experiences to students as they prepare for entry into the global marketplace.

NC State has developed opportunities for naming spaces in the Engineering Buildings located on Centennial Campus. These opportunities are available in Engineering Building I, home of the departments of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering; Engineering Building II, home of the departments of Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering; Engineering Building III, home of the Joint UNC/NC State Department of Biomedical Engineering and the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; and the new Fitts-Woolard Hall, the future home of the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering, the Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial Engineering and the Dean’s administrative offices.

Named spaces in Fitts-Woolard Hall start at $100,000. Having your company name and logo on spaces in these buildings will serve as a permanent reminder to our students and faculty of the generosity that enables their many academic and research opportunities.

For more information on specific naming opportunities, please contact Hannah Kunkel, Assistant Director of Development, Alumni Engagement & Stewardship, at 919.515.7458 or

Ensuring a Dynamic and Diverse Engineering Workforce

NC State Engineering conducts many innovative academic and outreach programs for our students and future students. The nation’s competitiveness and North Carolina’s economic development depend on opening pathways for future engineers who work creatively in teams, get hands-on experiences and are globally engaged. It is important that the makeup of the future engineering workforce becomes more representative of the society whose issues and problems it will soon assiduously address and solve.

All of the College’s academic and outreach programs rely on external support. Our Corporate Relations team can work with you to target your corporation’s investment to those areas that most closely align with your company’s strategic goals.

The College’s Woman and Minority Engineering Programs (WMEP) are designed to recruit, support and encourage underrepresented students in the fields of engineering. The mentorship and bridge programs offered through WMEP are designed to help these students overcome discouraging obstacles.

NC State’s Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Living and Learning Community creates a unique environment in which first- and second-year women students engage in focused inquiry within their disciplines and begin to develop the skills and talents necessary to become successful engineers and scientists.

International Programs in Engineering recognize the increasingly global nature of engineering and provide students with international opportunities to prepare them for the global marketplace.

The College is renowned for its enterprising K-20 Outreach Programs, which send students into classrooms across the state and bring others to campus, all in an effort to increase the number and diversity of schoolchildren who will one day enter an engineering field.

The Benjamin Franklin Scholars Program provides a select group of engineering students with the means to complement their technical education with an in-depth study of humanities or social studies. The program underscores the College’s commitment to producing well-rounded engineers with the capacity not only to produce technology, but to consider thoughtfully its outcomes.

The Engineering Entrepreneurs Program educates and trains undergraduates as the vanguard of engineering leadership and entrepreneurship. Students prototype new products developed through their capstone senior design project requirements and lead their own virtual companies comprising underclassmen.

Visit the College of Engineering

Corporations visit NC State’s College of Engineering for a variety of reasons. Whether your corporation is interested in recruiting or research, raising your profile on campus or enrolling executives in our continuing education programs, we would be happy to arrange a visit. That’s the best way for you to learn about NC State Engineering and its many resources.

Our students and faculty get a great deal out of your presence on campus. Strong corporate partnerships inform both the curriculum and research offered on campus, and they help the College better understand, and thus meet, corporate needs.

Please contact Griffin Lamb, assistant dean of development, at 919.515.9956 or if you would like to arrange meetings with students, faculty or administrators or if you would like to tour any of our facilities.