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Joint NC State/UNC Asheville Engineering Programs

Engineering a Better Future

Graphic: Joint NC State/UNC-Asheville Engineering Programs

Engineers solve problems or recognize opportunities to develop new or better products, processes and systems. Can you imagine a world without washing machines, nuclear power plants, or bridges? Do you want to help coordinate the next space shuttle flight or be part of the team that creates 3D printed organs? Then an engineering degree through NC State’s College of Engineering and UNC Asheville is for you.

Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

Undergraduate Level

There are two options for undergraduate level students:

Mechatronics Program

Students pursuing the Joint Bachelor of Science in Engineering (JEM) Degree with a mechatronics concentration remain on the UNC Asheville campus for the entirety of the degree program and follow a curriculum which focuses on the exciting area of Mechatronics Engineering. The curriculum combines the best of both worlds – the engineering expertise of NC State and the liberal arts curriculum and environment of UNC Asheville.

The 2+2 Program

Students participating in the 2+2 program begin at UNC Asheville and transfer to NC State University after one to two years to complete a B.S. in Engineering degree in one of 13 fields.

Graduate Level

Graduate level courses and degree options are available through NC State University Engineering Online. Through Engineering Online, you have the accessibility of distance education with the option of 16 master’s degree tracks.