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Students wearing protective goggles work in a laser lab on Centennial campus.


Engineering students at NC State create, innovate and build a better future.

A Fast Start and a Strong Finish

From your first campus visit to your graduation day, the College of Engineering puts you on a path toward a dynamic career.

Whether you envision yourself as an entrepreneur, a game developer, a CEO of a major company or a researcher working on the cure for cancer, we can help you realize that vision.

Opportunities are endless in the College of Engineering. Our students take classes and work in labs alongside internationally recognized engineers and computer scientists. They travel the world, designing clean water and sanitation systems in underdeveloped countries and experiencing entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley.

NC State engineering students work with doctors and veterinarians to find ways to treat disease or help an amputee have a better life. They study life-sized structures to improve our bridges and highways, find ways to innovative manufacturing, and develop new methods for mitigating and preventing environmental hazards.

Name your passion, and you can find it in one of our 18 undergraduate programs. Engineering at NC State integrates classroom learning, research and hands-on experience, and our graduates emerge with the skills they need to succeed.

And they put those skills to good use.

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Advanced Opportunities for Grad Students

Research is at the core of our engineering mission at NC State, and our 3,300-plus graduate students are the heart of that research.

We’re among the top ten nationally in annual research expenditures, and those funds support studies that address society’s grand challenges. We’re leading the search for sustainable energy sources, using big data and nanotechnology to improve human health, engineering a more secure world and creating tools to improve quality of life.

Join a master’s or doctoral engineering program at NC State, and you’ll work alongside world-leading researchers. Among our 300-plus tenured and tenure-track faculty members are 18 members of the National Academy of Engineering with one a member of all three National Academies, three winners of the National Medal of Technology and Innovation and three members of the Inventors Hall of Fame. Our faculty members lead two National Science Foundation Engineering Research Centers (ERCs), and NC State is one of only two universities leading multiple ERCs.

Those faculty experts drive graduate engineering on campus and online. Engineering Online, our nationally ranked distance education program, offers 16 master’s degrees and certificate programs in engineering and computer science.

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