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Undergraduate Engineering Partnerships with Other Institutions

The College of Engineering at NC State University has extended engineering degree opportunities through formal partnership agreements with a number of North Carolina institutions to increase diversity and to enhance access to populations who would not otherwise easily have access to an engineering discipline.

In most programs, you begin your instruction at a partner institution and then transfer to and attend NC State in Raleigh to complete your engineering degree. However, two site-based degree programs, one in Havelock, N.C., and one in Asheville, N.C., allow you to earn an undergraduate engineering degree from NC State without having to move to Raleigh. Both are ABET-accredited programs.

Site-Based Engineering Programs

The following two site-based programs do not require you to move to NC State University in Raleigh. However, they do require you to be at the respective sites.

Dual Degree Engineering Programs

The following partnership programs offer dual degree or 3+2 curricula that allow you to earn a specific degree from the home institution and an NC State engineering degree in about five years.

2 + 2 Engineering Programs

The following programs allow you to complete the first two years of pre-engineering courses at the home institution. Once you have met the engineering transfer requirements, you can apply to transfer to NC State in an engineering discipline. Each of these programs has an NC State program director on site who oversees the program, works with students and coordinates with NC State Academic Affairs.

For more information, please contact the home institution.