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Faculty Resources

Explore a comprehensive set of resources dedicated to helping you elevate your mentoring, teaching, and research. Designed to support engineering faculty at NC State University, our website is on a mission to foster your professional growth and success in mentoring, engineering education, and research. 

Research Support

Elevate your research endeavors with a variety of tools and guides. Stay updated on funding opportunities, research methodologies, and best practices. Uncover resources that will help you advance your contributions to the field.

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Engineering Education Materials

Access a collection of materials to enrich your teaching practices in engineering education. From innovative pedagogical approaches to the latest trends in educational technology, you can find resources that enhance the learning experience for you and your students.

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Mentoring Resources

Discover guides, articles, and tools to enhance your mentoring skills. Whether you’re a seasoned mentor or new to the role, these resources are designed to help you foster meaningful relationships with your mentees.

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