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100 years celebrated, and 100 more to come

During the College of Engineering 100 year celebation, a woman completes a small registration form next to a large scale model rocket used by the NC State rocketry club.

Over the last year, so many College of Engineering alumni and friends from near and far celebrated a century of imagination and innovation.

There was a lot to be proud of. Over 100 years, the College of Engineering grew to nine departments and three affiliated departments; moved campuses; expanded its faculty, staff and student body; and produced outstanding engineers and computer scientists who have made important impacts across the world.

Some of these past and ongoing accomplishments were highlighted on PBS North Carolina’s Sci NC TV show over the fall. Four episodes that aired from Oct. 19 to Nov. 30 took viewers inside NC State’s virtual reality lab, shared the history and exciting updates from the on-campus nuclear reactor, explored NC State’s efforts to make phosphorus use sustainable and tagged along with SolarPack, NC State’s student-run team that builds and races a solar-powered car. A fifth episode featuring alumna Christina Koch will air soon, and a 30-minute special focused solely on NC State Engineering will come out in 2024.

These segments were produced by Minnow Media in association with Alexander Isley, and they feature Nehemiah Mabry, an NC State civil engineering Ph.D. graduate and rising star in STEM-based media. All segments can be watched on NC State Engineering’s YouTube channel at They capture the imagination and innovation on campus, in the past and present.

But true to NC State Engineering’s core, almost every NC State engineer or computer scientist who reflected on this 100th anniversary wanted not just to talk about the past, but to also look ahead to a very bright future.

At a 100th anniversary celebration on May 3, attendees wrote out their dreams for NC State Engineering for the next 100 years. Affixing the notes to a rocket that had been previously launched by NC State’s High-Powered Rocketry Club, they shared what they think NC State Engineering can do by 2123.

“Get us to Mars!”

“Adaptable and resilient infrastructure”

“Reverse engineer the brain”

“Replacement of laptops with AR glasses”

“#1 engineering school in the U.S.”

“Grow a functional, implantable human brain from stem cells”

“More industry collaboration”

“Continue to recruit the brightest students and faculty for our future world”

“Think BIG”

The College has a lot of exciting years ahead if its faculty, staff, students and alumni can make all of these dreams into reality.