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Iridescent Silicon Microchip

Apr 25, 2024

CHIPS funding fuels two new initiatives backed by NC State

With nearly $50 million through the CHIPS and Science Act, our university will lead a regional innovation hub focused on wide bandgap semiconductors, called CLAWS, and also play a key role in the North Carolina Textile Innovation and Sustainability Engine, one of the first-ever NSF Regional Innovation Engines. 

red belltower at night

Oct 4, 2023

NC State to lead regional semiconductor innovation hub

NC State will use its engineering prowess to help shape domestic production of wide bandgap semiconductors. 

Gleb Yushin

Dec 20, 2022

MSE alum Gleb Yushin interviewed by Forbes magazine

Growing up in the USSR and Russia, Gleb Yushin only applied to one university in the United States: NC State University. 

Computerized model of spheres and bars connected to each other with burst of energy in the center of the framework.

Sep 2, 2022

Computational model could speed development of semiconductors useful in quantum applications

A computational model predicts how optical properties of semiconductor materials change when doped with other elements. 

Researchers in full coverage lab gear work on nanofabrication.

Aug 17, 2022

NC State and Purdue researchers receive funding for semiconductor center proposal

A proposed research center based at NC State and Purdue would help integrate new materials into the electronic industry, meeting a critical need in the United States for advanced, domestically produced semiconductor devices.    

Mar 20, 2014

New technique makes LEDs brighter, more resilient

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a new processing technique that makes light emitting diodes (LEDs) brighter and more resilient by coating the semiconductor material gallium nitride (GaN) with a layer of phosphorus-derived acid.