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To the next 100

Black and white vintage photo of a College of Engineering booth at the NC State Fair in 1955.

Although the College of Engineering celebrated its 100th anniversary last year, we’re continuing to recognize the amazing people who have made our College what it is today. In May 2023, we gathered to commemorate our 100th year with a night that highlighted all things NC State Engineering. In a tent lit to look like the blue light of NC State’s on-campus nuclear reactor, NC State engineers and computer scientists from our past and present gathered to reminisce on our last century and share their hopes for the next.

Alumni, faculty, staff, supporters and others gather inside a large tent on Centennial Campus to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the College of Engineering.

It is our alumni, faculty and staff members, students and friends who have helped make the NC State College of Engineering what it is today. Their stories are all part of the rich history of our College. Below are just a few excerpts from stories that have been shared with us. You can share yours at

Emily Ferreira,
B.S. Civil Engineering ‘17

“Going to NC State and being in the College of Engineering was one of my best decisions. I found so many friends who were like-minded to myself and are still my friends to this day, and it is cool to see how their careers and lives have grown. I have friends from the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Village, as I joined WISE in 2013, so it has been 10 years since, so those are also special. I take pride that I still get to work with different professors at NC State and the Institute for Transportation Research and Education (ITRE) as my career keeps molding. I have special memories of Mann Hall with the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering that cannot be replaced or replicated. Engineering will continue to evolve and change as we all will and has given me a lot of joy in my life and career.”

Dipankar Ghosh,
Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering ‘05

“Looking back now, I cannot help but feel a great sense of privilege for having been a part of this exceptional graduate research group, the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and the College of Engineering as a whole. The experience was not only intellectually enriching but also incredibly enjoyable. It fostered lasting friendships that have endured for over two decades. … Hopes for the next century would be for the COE to attain even greater heights, continue to make breakthroughs in STEM and other related areas, cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship at all levels and most importantly train students who can continue to solve important problems for mankind and make a real difference.”

Chuck Kleeberg,
B.S. Mechanical Engineering ‘71

“I was unprepared for it and the school knew it. … What sustained me were the things I could do as part of a team. … I became very proud of my school and extremely happy that it gave me a chance to swim. I had a wonderful 50-year career because of it. When I cleaned out my last office upon retirement, I left two handwritten questions on my white board: ‘What do you think we should do?’ and ‘Who else should be involved in this decision?’ Those lessons in humility and inclusion were hard won in my four years at NC State.”

Dionne Tatum Lyde,
B.S. Industrial Engineering ‘93

“I learned to stretch beyond what I thought I could do. I realized my potential and formed lasting friendships and connections. My hope for the next generation is that they will do likewise. Don’t limit yourself but seek to do great things in ways not thought of before!”