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NC State Engineering Career Fair moves to virtual platform

Fall 2018 NC State Engineering Career Fair

The bi-annual NC State Engineering Career Fair (ECF) draws in over 200+ government agencies and industry partners to talk to more than 5,000 undergraduate and graduate students. In response to COVID-19 and the need to social distance, the ECF has been moved to a virtual format for the fall and spring events to keep students and employers safe.

Partnering with Career Fair Plus, the makers of the ECF app that has been utilized for the last few years, the virtual career fair allows employers and students to interact in a high-quality virtual environment using integrated video and audio. Employers will be able to virtually screen quality candidates and receive resumes electronically.

Students will need to create an account in Career Fair Plus and sign up for appointment slots with their preferred employers. “They will not have to wait in line or spend two days of their time at the ECF,” shared Laura Ling, coordinator for the Engineering Ambassador and Engineering Career Fair teams. “Students will use the app, as they normally do, to search for the positions, majors and requirements that are a right fit.”

For businesses and companies participating in the virtual ECF, the number of reps who can participate has been changed from a cap of 10, compared to three to five previously. The greatest change for businesses will be that there are no travel and related expenses associated. “This greatly expands the number of companies who can attend,” Ling said.

A cap of 300 companies has been put in place for the fall ECF.

What should students do to prepare for this virtual experience? Ling shares that students should:

●      Create/refine their resumes

●      Engage in mock interviews with professionals and peers

●      Dress for success in professional attire on the day

●      Create an ePack account

The ECF team is available to answer your questions leading up to the event and on the day of and can be reached at: